Creating Higher Frequency Habits

Most of us have something in our current circumstance that we want to be different and many of us don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the self-improvement-related information available these days.

While we all want to manifest our dreams, manifestation is an abstract concept. It’s nice to be able to break it down into digestible pieces, so we can draw what we want to us, without getting overwhelmed by the process or even worse, feeling disempowered or hopeless.

Manifesting isn’t just about wishing and thinking positively about what you want. The science of manifesting is in the management of your personal energy field. That change we are looking for on the outside has to start from within.

Simply put, our frequency draws back to our circumstances and experiences that are on a similar frequency. We can’t expect abundance and experience the freedom that comes with it if we are habitually feeling stuck and on the frequency of lack. So, deliberately getting ourselves onto a higher frequency is the goal.

How do we do this?

One way is by creating higher frequency habits!

The human brain is efficient, it loves repetition. The more we practice living on higher frequencies, the easier it becomes. Until eventually, it just becomes who we are. It really can be as simple as that.

Here are some practices that will help you tune into a higher frequency:

  1. Morning Routine
    One of the great things about having a morning routine is that it makes us more likely to engage in other high-frequency habits throughout the day. By starting the day intentionally, it allows for more awareness and intentionality throughout the day. To begin, it can be as little as just 3 or 5 minutes of breathing, meditating, stretching, or journaling.
  2. Getting Out of Auto Pilot
    You can’t change your frequency if you don’t know which frequency you’re on. Many of us live predominantly on lower frequencies without even realizing it. Checking in to notice how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking through the day is a great way to develop your awareness. I recommend setting an alarm or reminder on your phone for every two hours when you’re first starting to remind yourself to consciously tune in. Awareness is the FIRST step towards meaningful change.
  3. Gratitude Practice
    A mindless gratitude practice, where you’re just “doing it for the sake of doing it” doesn’t allow you to truly access the frequency of gratitude. In fact, it often leaves us feeling frustrated, guilty or asking “why don’t I feel good when I have so much to be grateful for?” Deepen your gratitude practice by being descriptive, especially drawing on how it makes you feel. For example, instead of just writing, “I’m grateful for my health,” try writing something like, “I’m so truly grateful for my health because it allows me to experience life fully and to have all of the freedoms that come with feeling physically well.”
  4. Boundaries
    What we interact with has an effect on our moods and thoughts, whether it’s social media, the news, people, or nature. Therefore, being mindful not only of how those interactions cause us to feel but how much time we spend in those interactions, has a huge impact on our frequency. This is not to say we shut ourselves away from the world, rather that we set boundaries around anything/one that depletes us or put us on a lower frequency and consciously choose to spend more time engaging in and with those that boost our frequency. As an example, I like to stay away from social media and the news within the first hour of waking up.

Creating habits take time. Be patient with yourself as you integrate these into your routine. The version of you that already has what you are manifesting, is waiting for you on a higher frequency. Practice the habits, I promise the feeling will follow the action and land you on your new frequency.

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