Hold the Vision

hold the vision

Before January 2019 I’d never heard that saying before…or maybe I had but it didn’t register, I’m not sure.

What I am sure of though is that since learning how to do exactly that, I have transformed my life in dramatic ways in not very much time.

In January 2019, still not even three years ago, this is what my life looked like:

  • I was depressed and anxious and on two different medications to manage the symptoms (though it didn’t stop me from still being, you guessed it, depressed and anxious).
  • My work as a psychotherapist was draining me and causing me to feel stricken with grief over other people’s suffering (and my own).
  • I lived in Philadelphia in a congested and dirty neighborhood that I disliked so much I literally dreaded taking my dog for a walk.
  • I drank alcohol and smoked weed every single day of the week.
  • I slept until 9:30 or 10 am every day.
  • I never exercised or considered proper nutrition and had a whole range of physical issues such as severe allergies, chronic nausea, and headaches.

(Cue: me creating my first vision)

Here’s what my life looks like today:

  • While I am certainly human and have ups and downs like everyone else, I have been off meds for two years and have no symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  • I let go of my therapy caseload but still am the owner of the practice, my first baby, Emerge Wellness, a beautiful therapy practice and wellness space serving the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia. It’s now being run by my dear friend and I am free to create and teach this new body of work that makes my heart SO full. I am in purpose.
  • I’ve been living in San Diego for 10 months now and I’m OBSESSED with wandering around my beautiful neighborhood and taking long walks with my dog, Emmi.

I don’t self-soothe with alcohol and marijuana. If and when I choose to consume either of these substances it’s done moderately and for enjoyment purposes only, not to cope with life.

  • I wake up with the sun almost every morning.
  • I exercise regularly and am highly intentional with the foods I consume. I have no physical issues of any kind and actually, I feel really good the majority of the time.

All of this became possible for me because someone told me to get clear on what I wanted, to believe that I could have it, and to hold the vision every single day.

You can do this too. <3

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