Raise Your Frequency

What does my Frequency refer to?

Your frequency is the energetic pattern created by your thoughts (and the resultant feelings caused your thoughts) that gets transmitted out into the entire Universe via your unconscious and conscious mind (Yes, really. Quantum Physics has revealed this to us. Head on over to The Science page to learn more about it). The frequency that we spend the majority of our time in generates results in our lives that are in alignment with that frequency.

For example, if you spend most of your life living in the low frequency of an emotion like anger you will get results in your life that match that frequency such as random negative encounters with strangers on the street or your boss at work constantly being short or seeming to be annoyed with you but not at your co-workers.

In short, the way we think, feel, react, respond, perceive, and what we expect about anything at all influences and even informs the results we get in our lives.

Examples of High Frequency Emotions:

Examples of Low Frequency Emotions:


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