Your upgraded next chapter awaits you.

Does any of this sound like you?

You’re ready for real change but don’t know how to create it.

You’re in a “Middle”, a period of time where the old life has ended but the new one has yet to take shape.

You feel an inner tug, pulling you to grow and expand that you just can’t ignore any longer. 

You’re foggy about what’s next for you or how to make it happen but you’re longing for more.

You’re working through big feelings as you meet life’s many surprises and challenges and are prepared to come out on the other side a stronger, more confident, resilient you.

You’ve just set out on a brand new journey and you’re figuring out how to navigate all the fear that comes with it. 

Navigating a big transition,

up-level moment, or season of life that seems to require you to grow without support can feel like climbing a mountain wearing flip flops instead of hiking boots.

Even if you’re physically equipped for the journey, you’re going to stumble and maybe even slip and fall along the way.

On the other hand, once you put those hiking boots on, you begin to notice that the trek feels immediately easier.

You find your stride and the mountaintop that once appeared out of reach is suddenly within view.

And even more than that, you know you’re going to reach the top.

This is the power of the right support.

Transformational Coaching may be right for you if…

You’re ready to experience clarity on what you really want in life and how to create it with ease and flow.

Your emotions have been driving your choices, behaviors, and life for long enough and you’re ready to take the wheel.

You want to control your mind so you can finally stop getting lost in fear, worry, and self-doubt every time you try to go forward and create something new.

You’re ready to completely reprogram your subconscious mind for confidence, success, and inner peace.

You want to work smarter not harder in reaching your goals and finally becoming the your upgraded self

Client Testimonials

Kristina is wise, warm, and supportive. She possesses an impressive knowledge of psychology and energetics and is also extremely intuitive. She innately knows the most aligned approaches and techniques to employ and has helped me navigate a variety of challenges in my life. Before working with her 1:1, I felt stuck in most areas of my life, especially my career, and had fallen back into some old coping mechanisms to manage the stress. Kristina helped me turn things around more quickly than I imagined was possible; after less than a year of working together I had increased my income by 4x, manifested a move to a new state, and learned to define and maintain energetic boundaries.

– Alison B, Financial Expert

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on coaching or therapy that doesn’t serve the goal of becoming a better version of yourself. I’ve encountered my share of frustrating attempts with other professionals, where I’ve brought my most engaged self and was met with disappointment. This is why I am incredibly thankful for having met Kristina. Kristina is one of those rare humans, whose combination of passions and life experiences keep her motivated to be the best version of herself for her clients. Her unique ability to ask the right questions and dig into the answers you have within yourself first before offering you her impactful guidance has helped me reach breakthroughs faster than anyone else. The range of her skills and abilities has served me extremely well and I’m very grateful for her service and care!

– Antoinette J., Business Owner and CEO

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